Paying for LASIK

LASIK Surgery Cost Considerations

Consider this: A pair of eyeglasses can cost $500 or more and you can spend just as much per year caring for contact lenses between all of the cleaning supplies, eye drops, exams, and cases. Remember, you have only got one set of eyes—invest wisely. LASIK is a long-term health decision that affects your everyday quality of vision.

That said, LASIK surgery costs vary depending on the surgeon's experience, reputation, and skill; the time he or she dedicates to each patient; regional differences; and the quality of the laser system used. Some quoted costs may only be for very low prescriptions or they may not include consultations and follow-up visits.

Overall, since these are your eyes, price should not be the only, or most important, factor in your choice of laser vision correction specialists. You should consider the quality and value of the service you will receive. Remember that this is an elective medical procedure; for that reason, most health insurance plans do not cover this expense, but you may not have to pay the entire cost at the time of the procedure.

When talking to your surgeon, keep these questions in mind:

  • What is the total cost per eye for the LASIK procedure and what exactly does that include? The pre-operative sedatives, post-operative medicine drops, or dark glasses?
  • Are the follow-up visits included and how many will there be? Will your surgeon be present at these visits?
  • What financing programs does the doctor make available? Usually, there’s no need to pay your entire LASIK bill all at once. Most surgeons accept credit cards and many offer financing to extend payments.
  • Does your insurance cover all or part of the surgical cost? (This is unlikely, because LASIK is an elective surgery, but you should check in case your particular vision problem is covered.)

Be sure to get the surgery's financial terms in writing for your records pre-operation.

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